We commission turnkey systems or contribute any subset of work packages for joint projects.
Our core competence is the development of motion control code for a variety of kinematics on different platforms (including Omron Adept, Stäubli, Beckhoff,...). Depending on the application, the software contains additional modules: typically, a number of sensors and actuators need to be connected through bus systems. 2D and 3D vision systems are used to determine the location of work pieces. In addition to these tasks, we optimise the servo control parameters for robots and drives in order to reduce cycle time and increase durability.
Our graphical user interfaces usually include product databases and implement interfaces to the customers IT infrastructure.
We will find a suitable solution for every task in our wide repertoire or we will tailor a bespoke system for you. In addition to that, we also take on support and optimisation of existing robot systems from other vendors.