We automate your production processes based on your ideas and contribute the robot specific know-how. Depending on your requirements we supply development and manufacturing of the complete machine or of subsystems. We provide following expertises:

Conceptual Design

Using 3D simulation tools like Adept ACE or Stäubli SRS, we visualize an initial solution and refine it in close cooperation with you. We choose the appropriate robot type in terms of reachability, cycle time, precision and other parameters. We also specify the constraints for the subsequent development. The early visualization creates a common understanding of the specific task and helps to avoid misunderstandings.

Technical Design

Robots can easily master 3-dimensional tasks. Therefore, we design in 3D since more than 20 years , using SolidEdge today. Right from the beginning of a project, we take all the robot specific requirements into account, including other engineering disciplines, such as electrical, optics or software engineering. Also, we follow new technology developments and apply the latest manufacturing methods to design powerful machines at fair market prices.

Some production methods we use:

  • Milled and formed parts, produced in modern CAD/CAM based workflows
  • High performance structures of CFRP composite, together with our partner AT GmbH
  • Additively  manufactured parts, e.g. "3D printing" of metal or plastic


Various CAE-based calculation methods like FEA simulation with ANSYS ensure the success of a development project by enabling us to predict the behavior of a design in a very early stage of development. This allows us to optimize a design without the need to build and analyze a number of prototypes, which saves a significant amount of time and cost while delivering reliable and highly optimized products. 

We use ANSYS for more than 15 years and optimize our machines with respect to:

  • Structural mechanics:
    Deformation of robot tools, robot bases and kinematic structures under the influence of static and dynamic loads.
  • Vibration behavior:
    Determine Eigenfrequencies, modal characteristics and vibrational response behavior
  • Topology optimization:
    Load-optimized design for very lightweight structures with defined boundary conditions to meet a predefined set of performance targets (e.g. maximum deformation)
  • Thermal design:
    Simulation of heatsinks and cooling systems in mechatronic assemblies
  • Multi-physics:
    Simulation of coupled systems to optimize e.g. thermal stress in optical assemblies or Eigenfrequencies in preloaded systems


We manufacture mechanical components at our premises and coordinate manufacturing and procurement with our network of specialized suppliers. We assemble all components such as servo driven grippers, measuring systems, positioning systems or complete production lines and commission them in our assembly area, which is well-furnished with robotic accessories and measurement equipment. Performance tests ensure the high quality of each and every system prior to delivery.

Lifetime Service

You can rely on us in every phase of your production process. We offer regular inspection, maintenance and retrofitting of your robotic system. If you have new requirements regarding your existing machine, we realize the necessary modifications. Our experienced specialists are available for you, to react promptly and unbureaucratically in case of system failures. An emergency team will take care of your problem or we provide necessary spare parts quickly. Usually the system is operational again within only a few days.